Rogue like game, created in seven days as part of the 7DRL Challenge.

You play as Lirael, Second Assistant Librarian in the glacier library.

She tries to find some clues how to Awaken and get her Sight. Then she will finally feel accepted as a proper Clair.


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Very fun! The references are neat.  Would have loved a random-title generation system ala Book Hunter for the interesting books, but obviously that would be a lot of work for a 7drl. One time a Clayr got mad at me for being in their way in the hallway to the Aunt's room, and I could do nothing but eventually step into the room and get busted.  My best so far is 23 books. I think it's funny that other people your rank wander in an out of restricted areas no problem and the Clayr don't really seem to mind you being there either but you are so socially awkward you Game Over at being asked what you're doing.

Great to hear that you enjoyed the game! Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback and suggestions. I agree that a random-title generation system would be interesting to add. Congrats on getting 23 books, that counts as a successful run!

Thanks for the tip about the Book Hunter game! It has interesting mechanics and great sound.

I was lucky that the story from the book allowed me to make game mechanics quite simple, and I'm even more grateful to have such perceptive players like you.

For us laptop sufferers, could you add alternate movement buttons?  Thanks!

That's a good idea, not sure if it is allowed after submission end, but I can add alternate keys support on github repo/hosting. Thx for the tip!

The arrow keys, space, PgUp/Dn etc. are supported now (with no help message about it though).

thank you!